Sukam Falcon Inverters 600VA - 800VA

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The first version of Falcon series by Su-Kam. This range of inverter can take few appliances. Few LEDs, a low energy consuming fan and a low energy consuming Television set.

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Pure Sine Wave Long Back-up UPS consists of a sophisticated design producing the AC wave power output similar to that you would get from your house power point. These UPSs will support all the expensive and sensitive household equipment which will fail to run from the power output of a modified wave UPS.

The high quality power output from the pure sine wave UPS will maintain the units power supply throughout, thus supporting these appliances like your household power unit will. This being the case it is always better to invest in a pure sine wave UPS and get a quality power supply that will support all your equipment without any trouble. Su-Kam Sine wave UPSs are packed with a range of user-friendly features, these are symbols of convenience and comfort. Very little maintenance, no noise these Sine Wave UPS stand for powerful performance with all-round performance.

Now, say goodbye to the hassles you faced during power cuts as this smart inverter will provide power back up. It is a perfect solution to run household electrical appliances such as lights, fans and refrigerator. It will protect your precious appliances from high and low voltage fluctuations. With no health hazards, this inverter is a safe solution to your everyday power cuts.